Powerful Websites for Private Equity Firms

In private equity, not all money is equal. How and where will you tell your story?

In speaking with over 150 CEOs, bankers, and LPs in the past few years, over 70% have told us that they are paying more attention to the websites of private equity firms. This is especially true for a new generation of financial professionals who expect that almost everything they need to know will be at their fingertips on the Internet. If you’re leading a private equity firm, you can be certain that many professionals are making judgments about your firm’s track record, sophistication, and capabilities based on your website experience.

In private equity, being different is hard, but not impossible. Increasingly, what separates the leading firms from average firms is their level of specialization, operational insights, and relationships. Money isn’t just money anymore, as everyone wants to be aligned with strategic investors who add value above and beyond capital. How and where you tell the story is very important. Annual reports are great, but they only arrive once a year and aren’t easy to digest by time-starved stakeholders.

In contrast, a truly engaging website can reach a worldwide audience with your latest thinking and news. Your story is available 24/7, and can be updated every week or even every day. A powerful online presence delivers great leverage and can be one of your best marketing investments:

A new level
In marketing terms, the Internet is a great leveler; you can compete there, irrespective of scale, on your own terms. It also offers the opportunity to take your communications and messaging up to another level.

A strong first impression
Your website is the place where people go FIRST, not later. So, consider it your virtual lobby – a textual and visual introduction to the firm that allows you to arrange the “furniture” in a way that best presents your aesthetic and controls your information.

A perfect platform
There’s no better place to craft your firm’s desired image. What impression do you want to make? What tone do you want to achieve? What do you want to say? Here is the perfect platform to help structure your thinking, to shape your messages, and to communicate in a clear and consistent way. In short, a website allows you to tell a story that connects, resonates, and motivates.

A dynamic presence
With advances in technology, both host and audiences benefit. Today’s sites offer a cost-efficient, flexible way to share, expand, and update a variety of content in a variety of formats (e.g., news videos, audio interviews, PDF summaries). You can measure visits, track responses, and even self-manage the entire site’s operation.

An engaged audience
There is a whole new generation of business leaders out there who make a robust use of the medium, and will expect you to do the same. So forget digital wallpaper – a nice, passive home page with a logo just doesn’t cut it anymore. These days, leading firms don’t just build sites; they design online experiences that reflect their character, culture, and business philosophy. Therefore, to visitors, a successful site is a rich, motivating experience that deepens their understanding and appreciation of the firm, and compels them to act.

Creating such a vital business communications tool is a strategic process. It requires a strategic partner well versed in private equity and marketing, one who can collaborate with you to distill the values and the strengths of your firm into a valuable, engaging online expression. That’s where we come in. It’s what we do, so if you want to talk, we’re just a click away.

Ron Cappello is the founder and CEO of Infinia Group, a brand strategy and design firm based in New York City. He can be contacted at 212-463-5101 and rcappello@infiniagroup.com.