BrandStart: A New Service for Our Times

A comprehensive branding kit for start-ups.

What's in the kit

1. A core message – your short story.
2. Your name – will it register?
3. Your logo – make your mark.
4. Your business card – the instant impression.
5. Your website – a net gain.

1. A core message—your short story

What is this?
Behind every business is a concise summary of what it stands for, why it matters, and why audiences should care. Often referred to as the "elevator speech", but bear in mind this doesn't mean the elevator in the Sears Tower.

How we help.
Our strategists and writers will help you craft a message that's short, memorable and relevant, by addressing the following issues:

- Does your core brand message offer anything different
from your competitors?
- What need do you fill?
- Are your messages short, simple and clear?
- Do they reflect reality and resonate with your target audience?

Why it's important.
This process enables your business to determine the heart of all your communications – to find your voice. Once you've done that, you'll find people will do a lot more listening.

2. Your name – will it register?

What does this do?
A good name is a major competitive weapon that can support your business in five essential ways:

– Differentiates you against competitors
– Aids recall
– Engages your audience, contributes to long-term loyalty
– Supports/distills your positioning
– Reflects the values you represent, your collective personality

How we help.
Our naming team explores name possibilities, offering you access to Infinia's NameBank and helping you select the most promising candidates. Our trademark specialists (Kenyon & Kenyon) check their availability. We then help you register the best available.

What to consider.
If you are renaming your business, keep the following four principals in mind:

- Avoid descriptive names that sound generic
- Short is best; two syllables resonate most
- Give it impact; if they can't remember it, they won't
- Be careful adopting made up, coined names – they can be confusing or too abstract

3. Your logo - make your mark.

What is a logo?
Your logo is not your brand, nor your business in miniature.
It is the anchor of a firm's visual identity, and an easy front-line reference for clients and prospects.

What should it do?
A logo serves three primary functions:

1. Identification - a name tells us what a product or service is called. A logomark offers a visual cue that complements this.
2. Differentiation - by conveying, through graphics and type, aspects of a company's personality or attitude.
3. Memorability - a distinctive logo prompts recall, providing a mental shortcut that swiftly distinguishes a company or product.

How we help.
Our team of strategists and designers explores a range of logo directions and helps you select the best one. Our trademark specialists (Kenyon & Kenyon) again check for availability and then trademark the logo, if necessary.

4. Your business card – the instant impression.

What can a card do?
Arguably the most visible brand component there is. If your card can make an initial impact, face to face, it's likely to be retained and referenced by prospects upon further review. Through the choice of color, stock, quality printing and design, we will help increase this likelihood.

How we help.
Based on the logo and palette chosen in #3, our design and production team can create an entire suite of communications materials beyond business cards, including stationery, labels, e-mail signature, and fax sheet.

5. Your website – a net gain.

Do you need a website?
Today, an online presence is a vital extension of your business's voice. It needn't be too detailed, like a virtual brochure, but it does allow you to fortify your positioning, offer credentials, bios and highlight certain capabilities that substantiate the story you've begun to tell in other vehicles.

How we help.
Infinia is deeply experienced at designing and delivering sophisticated digital outlets for business brands, from concept to launch, scaled to a variety of tactical objectives and budgets. There are no cookie-cutter templates here, just cutting edge expertise, deployed to get your site up, running and performing.

How to get started.

For an individual consultation and estimate for your needs, contact Ron Cappello at 212-463-5100 or

If you're ready to hit the ground, branding, we're ready to help.

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