Area of Maximum Opportunity (AMO)

Research That Aligns Brand Strategy With Business Objectives

Working closely with boards and leadership teams has taught me that a gap often exists between brand strategy and business strategy. This gap, or misalignment, frequently results in under-leveraged resources, waste, and lost growth opportunities.

To address this issue, I've combined my 33 years of research experience with the expertise of leading strategy consultants to develop AMO. This collaboration has enabled the development of a quantitative research process and tool that helps take the guesswork out of growing your enterprise.

By highlighting where to invest and allocate resources, AMO helps to build your brand and deliver on the goals of your strategic plan, allowing you to:

  • Learn what matters, clarifying what drives choice of your business in today's market
  • Focus resources on those "drivers" that represent credible opportunities that can leveraged to differentiate and grow
  • Understand market positioning, and how you are perceived competitively on the drivers of greatest opportunity
  • Allocate investments with greater accuracy to gain the highest return and shape marketing and communications for maximum impact and effect

We can tailor a research program that brings your strategic plan and brand into clear focus to help you grow your business and better serve key constituents. 

Ron Cappello is the founder and CEO of Infinia Group, a brand strategy and design firm based in New York City. He can be contacted at 212-463-5101 and